Student Activities

Engage in meaningful activity & intentional learning, in an empowering community

Picture Your Life at St. Mike’s

 What is your passion? What are your values? How will you live to the fullest, with a true sense of purpose?

College is when the answers to these introspective questions start to come into focus. We’re here to spark that process and be part of your journey. At St. Mike’s, you’ll have beautiful surroundings, a tight-knit community, and endless opportunities to participate in meaningful activities.

Be Productive, Be Inspired

School-life balance happens naturally when you’re in an environment that encourages you to cultivate your passions, find new ones, and challenge yourself beyond academics.

While many of the activities at St. Mike’s simply give students a breather after a long day or week of studies, other experiences offer more profound callings. Whether you’re interested in music, writing, the outdoors, community service, or traveling abroad, St. Mike’s invites you to explore and engage.

I’m Interested In:

Ultimate Frisbee Club players pose for a photo

Clubs & Organizations
Choose from 40+ on-campus clubs and student organizations.


three students cooking

Join our Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts.


Students performing in the McCarthy Arts Center

Arts & Performance
Pursue your passion for music or theatre.


Jocelyn and Greg

Adventure Sports Center
Embrace Vermont’s outdoor lifestyle.


2018 Intro to Engineering Reverse Engineering Design

Create something amazing.

An image of Father Michael Carter sitting outside in front of a brick background.

Campus Ministry
Connect with core Edmundite values.


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